respect is sexy. for clubs and bars.

Harassment in clubs and bars – it’s better without it.

Úvodní obrázek

Why is respect sexy?

Sexual harassment is quite common in settings with alcohol, drugs, and loud music. Someone touches you when you don’t want them to; they force you into doing things you don’t feel comfortable doing, or they refuse to leave even after you tell them that you are not interested in a conversation. These situations can ruin a party or even worse, become creepy. We believe that such behaviour doesn’t need to be a part of nightlife, and that going out does not need to be associated with unwanted attention and touching.

Grafika: Flirting is hot, harassment not

What can we do?

In Berlin, London or Tel Aviv, bars often have an employee that knows how to deal with similar situations. When someone approaches them, they are able to help, or they intervene if they see that a situation has already escalated. We want this to become a norm in Czechia.

Do not tolerate harassment!

We aim to create a network of places that do not tolerate harassment. Guests of such places can be sure that it is possible to approach the staff if anything uncomfortable happens to them. That is how we teach the ones who harass that there are boundaries, and that unlike persistence, respect is sexy.

Flirting is hot, harassment not!

Educate yourself!

We train bartenders, security, and other staff of clubs and bars to react with empathy in situations when someone has been harassed.


Parties are more fun if everyone feels safe.

Maybe you have already encountered sexual harassment, but you didn’t know how to react adequately. Maybe you haven’t encountered it yet, however, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t occur. Maybe the best move is to show your guests that you care how they feel in your bar.

Who and how you can get involved?

Clubs, bars, pubs, and discos, any business in the Czech Republic that is concerned about sexual harassment.


>> contact us on to discuss details and possibilities of training your staff.


>> yearly membership costs 420 CZK per month

What does it include?

>> we will give your staff training every year and teach them how to recognise harassment, how to respond to it, how to deal with those who turn for help and those who cause problems.


>> we will provide a visible sign saying Respect is sexy to show that your business belongs to the Konsent network.


>> your staff will be able to respondwith empathy and respect towards everyone involved, if sexual harassment occurs.


>> the business can pick a person that will be responsible for coordination/communication with Konsent.

Parties are more fun if everyone feels safe.

I want to be safe! For guests.

Get your favourite pub involved!


Everyone’s boundaries are different –

What one perceives as flirting,

Another one can see as harassment

Many businesses got involved already. They make it clear that they don’t tolerate harassment there. When their staff notices anything uncomfortable happening, they are not afraid to intervene. Moreover, you can ask them for advice when something happens and you don’t know how to react.


You didn’t find your favourite club or bar, or you know a place that could be interested in Respect is sexy?