may 21 - 23 2021

#women #technology #security

1st online Czech-Israeli hackathon

Let’s meet, let’s think and let’s develop solutions for important problems that surround us.

welcome to the 1st online Czech-Israeli hackathon!

This 24-hour online event will focus on brainstorming, creating new ideas and developing technological solutions for two alarming issues. 

sexual harassment in the academic environment

The topic brought up by the Czech side, represented by Konsent NGO, which has long been dedicated to solving the problem of sexual harassment.

violence against children

Topic brought  by the Israeli side and represented by Azrieli College and Hadassah Academic College.

Let’s meet, let’s think and let’s develop solutions for two important problems that surround us. You can understand this as a gathering of people who care about mentioned issues and people who know how to tame technology. It will be intensive, creative and meaningful. Let’s prove that technology can do for humanity more than just wash our clothes, give us Netflix or concerns whether it would take over the world. Technology and innovations can help us solve deeply embedded socio-cultural problems that can affect each and every one of us.


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