:: power - safe online

Humiliating and putting others down, posting their pictures, videos or private information, insultive comments, creating fake profiles, threatening or harassing messages, stalking - that all is cyber-violence.

It has already cost their lives for some, for others it caused a lot of worry and fear. Meanwhile, the society is still only learning how to deal with it. 

What can we do? How to help a friend who is facing cyber violence? 
Are men affected by cyber violence differently than women? 
What is the role of by-standers, how to work with the aggressors, and is it really the victim who is to judge?

To stop cyber violence from happening, we need to talk about what causes it, what it consists of and what are its consequences.

:: team ::

The project is led by peer trainers 
Ivan Kobelev (ivan@konsent.cz) a Bára Nechanická (barbora@konsent.cz).